Car Care Tips

Acid rain deposits can damage your vehicles surface, if not regularly removed from your vehicle, acid rain will increase the odds of your vehicles finish being damaged from oxidation. Unfortunately acid rain cannot be prevented because of the rising amounts pollution in the atmosphere which cause rain and snow to take on sulfuric and nitric acids that damage your vehicles surface. CLICK HERE FOR HELP!

As we all know Colorado can get large amounts of snow, for several months straight, in order to control road conditions magnesium chloride is applied to the roads in order to melt the snow and ice. Unfortunately magnesium chloride is corrosive and can damage your vehicles brake systems and just about any other metal part it comes in contact with. Magnesium chloride is corrosive and it must be removed as often as possible. CLICK HERE FOR HELP!

Denver metro area is growing faster than most people could have imagined, and because of it’s growth road construction is at a record high. Highways, streets and roads have had to be widened and changed to accommodate the increased amount of vehicles on the road. Road construction is underway everywhere you look. If you drive in Colorado it’s almost impossible not to come into contact with road tar, it sticks to your vehicles surface making even a clean vehicle look unsightly. If road tar is not removed properly it will take the paint off your vehicle. There are other things such as UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap and mud that can cause your vehicle to look dirty and become contaminated. Some things you can avoid by garaging your vehicle, using a car cover and by not parking directly under trees. CLICK HERE FOR HELP!

Detailing will help you with all these problems by cleaning your vehicle, then by putting a protective barrier between your vehicle and the outside elements that can damage your vehicle. We use many known products such as Meguiars, Zymol, Mothers as requested, but the majority of the products we use are professional grade products that are not available to most people. Typically the quality of these pro-grade products is higher than retail, but combination of the right retail products can still yield good results. A high quality full detail should take between 3-5 hours. Call 720.232.8188 or E-Mail us today by CLICKING HERE to schedule an appointment and see the difference we make at Mile High Auto Detailing Mobile Service.